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I love reading about how everyone was pronouncing kruge wrong before the show came out. Aaand her favorites are Nina and Matthias. Being chained and beaten and dragged around for a year and still managing to troll his captors to death and get to their every nerve and hurt them with the sheer power of his cutting remarks. Admitting all his sins in their face without fear and still winning in every verbal fight. Laughing in their faces while being dragged, chained and on his knees.

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Transparent PNG file. PSD file. Though she looks tough, she is, in fact, one of the softest and most peaceful souls on the ship. She lives in the clouds. She is ready and willing to jump into a fight.

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Though she would totally disagree with that opinion. I actually avoid that part of the ship if I can help it. But get a bit of drink into her and the usual screeching transforms into the voice of an angel.

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If you were to ask these questions around the ship you would be told Captain Zenaida is a fair leader. Captain believes everyone should be given a fair shot. We all start at the bottom. All those on the crew are expected to work as hard as the person beside them. She is ruthless because she has always had to be in life… Do not let her beauty fool you.

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Mercy is not in her vocabulary. Only one person has the ability to soften her and prove that she has a soul at all… her wife Nisha. As the youngest on the crew, she has a lot to learn and plenty of willing mentors there to teach her. They have proven to be better company than most people.

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Giggle If I told you what they just said your ears would burn. You are always welcome to send in questions.

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Just know at the moment we are facing some challenges and will most likely be less active at this time. We receive a high volume of questions that can be overwhelming to tackle. We hope our message finds you well.

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Our team has received many messages of well wishes and also concern due to our silence. We regret to report that the Corona Virus COVID has infiltrated the lives of those on our small team and has turned them upside down. This means the work on the game has come to a complete stand still. Tempest Tides is a passion project for each person on our team and even though the virus has halted our efforts…the dream is still very much alive.

Tempest tides

We appreciate each and every one of you who has patiently stuck by us. I wish you all good health, especially in these far too interesting times, and juniper a smooth recovery from whatever ails them.

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This is Juniper. Thank you to all of those who have checked in on our team and sent us well wishes. I am doing fine and taking each day as it comes. Like I am sure we all are.

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These are uncertain times…but we face them together. But we do our best to show one another love, kindness, and grace as we adjust. We hope you are doing the same for yourselves, your family, your friends, and your community. We are all in this fight together. With all the crazy things going on with the world, I hope you all stay safe and healthy!

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Take care of yourself! Thank you so much, we truly do appreciate your concern and hope you all are taking care of yourselves and staying safe as well! Posts Ask Archive.

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Anonymous asked: What ethnicities are the LaCorazon crew based off of? Anonymous asked: can we still send in questions about the characters?

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Happy Birthday, Datura! Anonymous asked: With all the crazy things going on with the world, I hope you all stay safe and healthy! Anonymous asked: Sooo Who's big spoon, who's little spoon, and who can I use as a mattress??? I need answers fellas!!