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In the library, accessed from the door on the far right of the entrance hall, there is a book on the table. This book will give you clues for solving each of the puzzles. From the start location, go through the door on the left into the dining room. Solve the Cake puzzle then leave the dining room and go through the next door on the left into the kitchen.

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Posted on Last updated: May 14, Walkthroughs. By: Author Philip. Hello Guest, currently available on iOS, pits you against a highly adaptive and clever AI in a stealth thriller scenario, brimming with unique puzzles and platforming challenges.

A complete video walkthrough of the guest.

Hello Guest sets you on the role of either Quinton or Beatrice, who are newly-hired night shift security personnel in an abandoned park called the Golden Apple Amusement Park. Your main job within your shift basically revolves around protecting the park and all assets within it from looters and vandals. As simple as it sounds, the presence of a mysterious guest, who appears out of nowhere constantly stalking you and preventing you to patrol the park freely or actually do anything without watching your back from time to time.

Hello Guest is still within the alpha stages and, with that, you can expect the available version to not have a complete play through yet all the way to the end of the story. As much of it is still in development as well, you can expect a lot of items and even locations that have yet to contribute to your progression through to the ending cut scene the game currently has.

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Just the same, we will be providing you a fairly specific set of scenarios so you can uncover the said cut scene. After choosing which character to play, an introductory cut scene will play where you travel to the abandoned amusement park on your bike. As gloomy and lopsided as the amusement park may appear, it is actually fairly easy to navigate through it conventionally. There are visible pathways that satisfactorily guide you to where you want to go, not to mention arrow s here and there.

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As such, you are also free to deviate from the obvious paths and cut down on the travel time. Turn right and jump over the short fence and go straight from there to take a much quicker shortcut to your primary destination. For the primary objective, you need to be able to get into the security shack within a certain period of time and answer the call form your employers.

If you fail to do so, the game will end with you being fired and you will have to start over. Likewise, if you decide to turn around and exit the park, the same fate will befall you. As you talk on the phone, you will turn on the lamp and see objectives posted on the wall. The tasks are to start your shift and check the top of the mountain. You can grab a flashlight and a fire extinguisher from the shack as well as check the locker. You can always put items you do not currently need in the locker as you have limited inventory capacity.

The guest walkthrough with ending

Flashlights are needed to catch the trespassing vandals and ward off the raven-costumed guest that keeps on stalking you wherever you go. Some vandals will set things inside the amusement park on fire making the fire extinguisher an almost equally handy tool to always have as well. There is a slope behind it that you need to climb up to. It can be difficult to do while walking so you have to jump and find traction until you successfully move to a more elevated area. You can actually make the jump with some timing and make it to the ledge safely.

If you are having a hard time doing so, a peculiar but nonetheless appreciated trick you can do is to actually use the fire extinguisher to boost your jump. As we mentioned earlier, there are some out-of-the-box ways to go about the puzzles and challenges in Hello Guest and this is just one of it. Anyway, you will see a dark entrance at the top of the staircase and another one within the structure le all the way down. There are numerous useful items to be obtained once you are at the bottom like a fire extinguisher, a light post, and so on.

Most importantly, a unique item might be missed. There is a silver key on the floor just in front of the red cabinets.

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You will the key to unlock the gate and the main door of one of the other facilities later. In addition to the fire extinguisher and the flashlight, be sure to carry 2 cables and a gas can for the next structure that you will visit. An extra fire extinguisher is optional as well. Hello The guest game walkthrough is deed in such a way that you earn money from every shift with deductions on the guest game walkthrough based on assets within the amusement park that were destroyed under your watch.

After each shift, you can either go straight to the next shift or proceed to shop first and purchase all the items you will need. The shop at the gas station holds all the basic necessities you will need except for key or unique items in the amusement park like the map you start with and the silver key. At this point, you can venture around to find items and tools that you can use for the next set of puzzles or keep working from one shift to the next and shop for the items you need.

Catching the trespassing vandals actually do not mean capturing them. For the most part, it is sufficient to catch them with a light and send them running away to escape the amusement park. Once you are ready with 2 cables, a gas can, and a fire extinguisher, you should now be set to obtain a generator which you will be needing for various electrical needs as well as be introduced to yet another unique mechanic in Hello Guest.

Continue to traverse the opposite direction until you reach a tall structure with an aerial tram atop of it. It is a long and dark trek towards the top and as you will come to find, the building on top of it is visually empty with multiple doors all locked from the inside. At this point, you might think that the key we left in your locker should have been with you but unfortunately, the silver key we found earlier is for something else. At the entrance of the shack on top of the structure, turn around and move closer to the guard rails behind you.

You will see the roofing of the long staircase that you used to get here and you can actually jump onto it from where you are. The trick here is to step on the guard rails first and it is a lot easier to do when you look down as you jump on it.

From the staircase roof, travel upwards to discover the roof of the empty building with several holes leading to the rooms below as well as another one that serves as its attic. For now, head on over to the rightmost hole in the roof and jump down and grab the generator.

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At the top, head into the room to find a unique machine. This is a weird yet helpful contraption is actually capable of creating unique items if you feed it two items as a requisite. To use it, place the generator beside it and connect the generator to the machine using 2 cables. Move a bit towards it front end or the side with a funnel and throw in a gas can and a fire extinguisher inside.

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You need to pull on a level close to the opposite side, and a peculiar-looking object will pop up as its by-product. Although unnecessary, the springs get out of this can be equipped on your character to make him or her jump much higher. You know that it is equipped as you will continue hearing the spring sounds as you move. Now is the time to head on out, but before you do, do not forget to pack up your generator and cables as you will still need it for the next set of challenges.

For now, you will probably not have enough time to complete the next set of puzzles as your shift the guest game walkthrough end shortly. You can spend time exploring and catching vandals or you can rush to the entrance and end your shift immediately. Note that you will need 3 cables for the next challenge so be sure to drop by the shop and purchase another one if you do not have enough at this point.

A security camera as well as a camera viewer is also required so be sure to have some handy. Use the silver key to unlock the gate and once you pass through it, you can use the portable light stand to block off the entrance.

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In some scenarios, you can plug in the light stand to the generator and keep the area well lit to ensure that the guest will not go anywhere near you. For now, though, simply leaving the light stand to block the gate will suffice as the guest game walkthrough will need the generator elsewhere. Head on the stairs and unlock the door using the silver key as well, then head on to the right side of the building to see outlets and switches that will serve as your next puzzle. With the outlets and switches in front of you, swerving a bit over to the left will reveal a set of light bulbs that serve as a lock puzzle for the elevator door within the building to unlock.

Now place the generator close enough to the outlets and connect all 3 cables to it. If you peek to the left and see the set of light bulbs, you will notice that one of them has lighted up. With a sequence of 1 to 4 from left to right of the light bulbs and top to bottom of the switches in front of you, the third light bulb turning on means that you need to activate the third switch next.

Doing so lights up the second bulb, which means that the second switch is up next. We will have to go through another light bulb puzzle to unlock another door above the now unlocked elevator shack. Although it can be done without having to wait for the start of another shift, you can opt to divide the labor across 2 shifts. In any case, once you get back to the facility, head on inside and into the elevator cab.

You will notice an emergency exit above you and it can be opened if you toss a heavy enough item towards it. You can use the fire extinguisher for this and once the emergency exit door is out of the way, jump through the hole using the fire extinguisher as a booster. Further above you will see narrow ledges alternating above the elevator shack. Using the opened hatch as a stepping stone of sorts, make your way towards the closest ledge using a jump and the fire extinguisher as a propeller.

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From the first ledge, you will need to perform the same stunt headed upwards towards the next ledge on the opposite side of the shack. From the second ledge, you will be able to see the bulb indicators across you so what you need to do is to attach the security the guest game walkthrough just above you to have it face towards the light bulb puzzle.

You can now head back all the way down and return to where you solved the first light bulb challenge. Remember to press the 2 button first to see the light bulb inside the shaft to turn on. Once again, the sequence of the light bulbs turning on will be randomized so the only way to solve it is to follow the pattern correctly. Once you have finished solving the final puzzle it is now time to head to the now unlocked door at the top of the elevator the guest game walkthrough. As this will be your second time around it, you should probably be a little better on jumping from ledge to ledge using the fire extinguisher.

As you step on the second ledge, the gap between that and the newly opened door is not as high but you will still need the boost from the fire extinguisher to make it. Once inside the huge room with lots of tables, you will notice huge windows to the left side of the screen.

The second window is big enough for you to pass through. You can jump down through it but do not do so all the way down. There is a fence and a ledge that will divide the jump for you so your first jump ought to be directed towards landing on the ledge at the end of the fence. Finally jumping down to the ground, you will notice a straight path towards the exit, run towards it to view the final cut scene for Hello Guest.

The final cut scene in the current version of Hello Guest is certainly not the ending but for now, it is the last cut scene as it is still in alpha version. Despite the short gameplay for now, there are still volumes of mysteries to explore, taking into the possibilities of items you can generate using that device we used earlier to obtain the spring that boosts your jumps. There is currently a glitch in Hello Guest that makes earning money a lot easier. It might be difficult to notice at first but whenever you save and load your game afterwards, you will always wind up at the security shack at the start of your shift.

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Whenever you are inside the shack, you can save your game and load it up immediately afterwards. You can rinse and repeat as many times as you desire and come out with more than enough money to purchase whatever you want from the shop. That concludes our Hello Guest walkthrough guide. We hope that our short and simple guide has been helpful for you to see the final cut scene of the game as well as unlocked possibilities for you to explore on your own.