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Thread starter maisbordeldemerde Start date Sep 10, corruption mind control multiple endings real porn transformation. Dec 19, Overview: The protagonist enters a reality t.

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But it goes quite badly wrong. I'm not sure the game is officially on abandonned status, but the dev hasn't made any update since July, You have 35 days before the game ends.

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The downside is that there's no save features included on this game, which can turn out a bit frustrating as the RNG can be a pain at some point. Intro should at least been played once, since you have an easter egg while playing the intro which allows you to get a bonus 20 votes, a specific name alongside with a specific title if you manage to get the related ending see the walkthrough for further info. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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Feb 21, 1, 3, Is it any good? Oct 19, 2, 26, I moved it for you.

Stranded [completed]

Center the overview personal note text, as well as the thumbnails and put the walkthrough under spoilers. Reactions: maisbordeldemerde. I was actually quite surprised by the content, if the story isn't top notch it's still pretty good. I'd suggest at least to check it out. Lamoucheronn Active Member. Apr 28, Do you start as a male or a female?

You're a male during the whole intro, then you turn into a girl. Aug 22, 1, TF on the MC? Aug 5, 6, 8, Reactions: Sole and jande The end of the current release could be the end of the final version of the game as it is, just don't expect an amazing ending. I'd have not shared it here if there was no content, Id say it worth around 1h of gameplay, maybe a bit more. Reactions: UserXhawkloner and jande Arthur Hastings Active Member.

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May 19, It's a big downside for many-many players Reactions: BillBaroudSole and Parnso. LewdDao Member. Jul 9, It is also an upside for many others. Reactions: geochrysalismetamorphosisThecatbred and 5 others.

Nov 16, Arthur Hastings said:.

Make it fast!

Reactions: LilimDiamSlagmothSaafi05 and 4 others. Telamon Member. Jun 18, I can get to the point where you use a trap on Sarah, but that's about it. Not sure what I'm supposed to do after that. Zeph Active Member Donor.

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Aug 5, Reactions: hawkloner and maisbordeldemerde. Zeph said:.

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Because theyre games being taken from Tfgamessite. Its a large community that makes a lot of games. Thats why theyre posted here.

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If you dont like it, simply dont download it and move on. Meanwhile New Member.

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Jun 29, 5 1. Is there some way to get pictures from the game? May 27, ElChavez New Member. Mar 11, 13 There is a version with almost unlimited time and low prices: mega. Reactions: Meanwhile and maisbordeldemerde.

Thanks I'll add it in the OP. Meanwhile said:. Reactions: Meanwhile. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.