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Home News Guides Cosplay Games. Welcome to the Negligee Love stories walkthrough. This guide will show you how to get all the endings and achievements for all of the 4 stories. Before you look, I will advice you to first try for yourself, discovering the right combo of choices is part of the fun!

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Ending 1 — Freedom in Death In this ending you have to go all out with Chris, no holding back and you will get this ending. Ending 2 — Clean Slate In this ending you have to be as dismissive of Chris as possible, question what you are doing at every opportunity.

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Ending 3 — Run Away Together This is the good ending that in the epilogue and is by far the trickiest ending to get in the game. On this one it is all about staying as much in the middle as possible.

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Ending 1 — Melancholy Star To get this ending you need to be as positive to what you are doing as possible, and go all out. Ending 2 — I Will Be Better This ending is almost the same as 1, but you need to hesitate, and question what you do while still going all out.

Negligee: love stories – how to get all endings and achievements

To get this ending you can do a lot of different things. It is by far the easiest to get.

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But for this one lets just be as pure as we can. To get this ending just go all out for Mikka, while staying away from Eddie.

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Ending 2 — Burnt Bridges To get this ending go all out and take everything. Negligee: Love Stories Cheats. Cheats Guides.

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