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You are currently viewing our boards as a visitor. Krystal from the N64 Dinosaur planetfun fact the concept art from this game the n64 version is one of the things that motivated me to draw non human characters.

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I never thought we'd ever get the chance to see a full beta build of Dinosaur Planet. This is indeed a red-letter day for fans of Krystal and Star Fox! So recently was leaked a DinosaurPlanet prototype, and even thought i don't know too much about Star Fox, i wanted to draw this version of Krystal, which i prefer over the final one.

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Alternatively, this ad may have just failed to load. Team Star Fox call in Krystal for Smash! Thread starter jordansweeto Start date Mar 17, Prev 1 … Go to. First Prev 71 of 73 Go to. RetrogamerMax Smash Legend.

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After seeing the gameplay footage for the Dinosaur Planet prototype yesterday, I wish the N64 version of Dinosaur Planet was finished as I think that version of the game would have been better than the Gamecube of Star Fox Adventures. Being able to play as Fox and Krystal throughout certain parts of the game is how it should have been.

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Dinoman96 Smash Champion. ed Sep 22, Messages 2, Dinosaur Planet was pretty much killed by the triple whammy of Star Fox being grated onto it, it having to be transitioned over to GCN and most importantly, the impending Microsoft buyout which forced Rare to completely rush it out to the market. KirbyWorshipper Smash Legend. Well, here's a feature about an article fromabout someone formerly part of the staff, providing a clearer perspective on its development.

Last edited: Feb 23, Thinking about it now after seeing the Fox model in the Dinosaur Planet prototype we didn't know exist, I find it a little weird Fox, General Scales, ect all kept their originals des from the N64 to the transition to the GameCube version except Krystal.

I don't know why they greatly changed the de for Krystal when they moved Dinosaur Planet to the GameCube.

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I love Krystal's Star Fox Adventures de much more than her original Dinosaur Planet de, but I feel like had they kept her original de less people would hate her and not see her as nothing more than a furry sex object as that's the only excuse detractors or haters of Krystal have to say about her. Or original de doesn't come off as sexy, so I think more people would be more open minded for her in Smash now had they kept that original de as they wouldn't see her as furry bait.

Doc Monocle Smash Ace. ed Dec 24, Messages Location Right here. Where are you? RetrogamerMax said:. MorbidMiraj Smash Apprentice. ed Sep 7, Messages Last edited: Feb 24, Mushroomguy12 Smash Hero. Dinoman96 said:. Dinosaur Planet Krystal fanart.

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Wonder what might have been if the Rare sale didn't happen at the exact time console generations switched. Guybrush20X6 said:.

Legend of krystal v

At the very least, we would have gotten Donkey Kong Racing since that was in production before the buyout:. Krystal and Fox Dinosaur Planet Art. Mushroomguy12 said:. I'm glad the renewed interest in Dinosaur Planet has sparked so much great fan art.

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Another Dinosaur Planet sketch. Officer Krystal. Last edited: Mar 5, Rool, ect. And the sad thing is those figures were based off of the cartoon.

Not saying that's a bad thing, but it kind of is when they didn't make figures for their video game appearances first and really still haven't. As a action figure collector who's favorite franchises all come from the 90s and s, I feel like we get screwed or next to nothing for action figures unless the IPs are really big franchises or wrestling.

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You probably don't watch wrestling, but I use to for 9 years and I stopped watching in when Undertaker's 23 year old Wrestlemania streak ended. I still collect the figures from Mattel and they have amazing selection as not only they make a figure of every wrestler you can imagine, but also figures off of almost every appearance or attire of all these wrestlers.

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If only these companies that make video game figures would do that for us gamers. That would be a wet dream. Starlight Liger Smash Journeyman. ed Nov 3, Messages Starlight Liger said:. This is a hot take but I think Star Fox needs to switch genres to stay relevant. The characters are clearly valued by fans and Nintendo but the games themselves are really dated. Problem is Last edited: Mar 6, MorbidMiraj said:. I totally agree. Rail shooters, or ship-based shooters, just aren't really big anymore, or at least not to the level Nintendo would want from Star Fox.

I guarantee you that a Star Fox Warriors game would sell super well and make the brand relevant again. The question is whether Miyamoto would want to approve that. Revali totally makes me wonder how Falco would play in a Warriors game. LiveStudioAudience Smash Champion. ed Dec 1, Messages 2, I'd be a little more inclined to move away from a pure rail shooting experience with multiple paths Every game after that followed without fail came with an asterisk.

Adventures was a Zelda clone, Assault had on foot segments while not even having multiple krystal fox sex games, Command incorporated RTS elements with a focus on All Range mode, and SF0 hampered the experience considerably via two screen setup. Even as enjoyable Starlink ended up being, it was a shift towards an open world space setting.

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While I'll admit realistically the rail shooter isn't ideal for a full retail game these days, I think in many ways SF is one of the lesser examples to use for it, given the series inability to really be one on the last 24 years. The Warriors settup would be good for a Star Fox game, even if it was all on foot with the Arwings and Landmaster being relegated to super moves. And earlier?