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Negligee: Love Stories is one of the more interesting erotic games that you will ever play. While you may think that this is a straight-up sequel to the other Negligee game.

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Games featured in this series are NSFW Not Safe For Workcontain adult content and explicit themes, and are not meant for those under the age of eighteen. The reviews for the games will also feature content that is NSFW and is intended for mature readers only. Negligee is a sexy Yuri female to female relationship visual novel with female characters created by indie creator Dharker Studio.

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Your choices will affect the game and the eleven possible endings, giving this game the advantage of multiple playthroughs. This particular review is for the uncensored version of the game. Negligee does contain nudity, characters in different states of undress, and sexual language. Unfortunately for Hannah, she is tasked with suddenly managing Negligee after her manager suddenly quits. Yet another wrench is throw in the mix when Hannah is tasked to find a girl to help her around the shop. Again, unfortunately for Hannah, the girls that apply are really attractive, and Hannah has a wandering mind that might get her into some situations that would make HR raise their eyebrow.

Review: While I was looking for new sexy visual novels to play, my husband found me Negligee. As I have mentioned before in choice based games, I play how I want to on the first playthrough. I decided to be a bit riskier with my choices and was game negligee rewarded!

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One of the first choices you get is to look at the documents and phone left from the manager, Karen, who left abruptly. Karen is quite the little minx as you will find out if you choose to take a peek at her phone that was left behind. Hannah is already feeling the heat as the inappropriate jokes and sexual innuendos spark forth from these two.

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I immediately gravitated towards Jasmin. Jasmin is an exotic dancer and an all around down to the earth kind of gal.

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Neither of the girls fit into any anime tropes or cliches that I could discern upon my playthroughs. The first playthrough was fun and cute.

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Plenty of lewd scenes to get your motor going, but not much in the way of sex scenes. However, I did get a really hot scene post credits with Jasmin that was really well done. My second playthrough, I decided to go for Sophie to see how different her ending game negligee be. I tried going with a majority of my original choices to see how it would all play out.

Upon my third and fourth playthroughs, just to see what could happen, I hired each girl on the spot and got little achievements for each. During one of my last playthroughs as of this review, I decided to go for the third girl, Charlotte, who had so far remained elusive. So some choices do matter!

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Just something to keep in mind while you play if you want to experience all that Negligee has to offer which is plenty considering the price of this game. Sometimes when going for an erotic visual novel, the characters end up just being there for the sake of sex or just eye candy for the player. Negligee is definitely an eroge visual novel meant to be played for the sexy content, but game negligee definitely get a story in there instead of just the opportunity to watch hentai via a visual novel. I do need to harp on the artwork for a second here though.

The illustrations are beautiful and really well done.

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I was expecting less as the name and the synopsis sounded a bit cheesy and on-the-nose. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the characters are deed both clothed and undressed.

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The lingerie they get to wear is tastefully done with quite realistic styles that you could find in the store if you so chose to do so. The backgrounds were also very well done and believable. I enjoyed the static sexy scenes as well as the scenes that granted a bit of movement from our girls. The art team gets five stars from me.

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There are a few grammar and spelling errors that I noticed. These are just very small, nit-picky things, but I did want to mention them. I think they can easily be overlooked as the game has plenty of good things that outweigh this. Overall, Negligee is fun, cute, comedic, and has plenty of pretty girls in lingerie to keep you entertained all night long.

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The artwork is pleasing and the light-hearted music fits in perfectly. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via .

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