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I must admit that Galaxy Girls is a visual novel that greatly appealed to me. Playing as a captain on a spaceship with a fully female crew and a mystery to solve! That right there is a premise that I can get right behind! While I had some fun with the game and I do think that it had some neat ideas. I must admit that I came away from the game feeling rather underwhelmed and also kind of mad at the in-your-face way they try to sell you all of their DLC!

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The game was released on September on the Steam store and November on the Nutaku store. One day you wake up on a spaceship, with several other women, each one given a different job on board ship, doctor, engineer and you as captain. Erica player.


Each DLC gets an intro with chibi versions of the game characters, that are aware of the nature of their universe a game or a movieand sometimes talks to the player. Once done, the rights were given back to the original creator.

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Galaxy girls adds a new art style, 3 new characters and new storylines to the original game. The story and world is expended further with the DLCs. The film should have been an adult movie, but it is said that the actors chemistry was so poor that it has been reworked into a B type movie.

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However the film gained popularity with time, becoming a 'classic'. It now appears regularly in the Paradise Cove games as a background reference.

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Guides can be found on the steam community guides. Some of the endings paths indicated in the guides don't seem to work once the adult patch is installed, notably ending 02 "Four is Fine".

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To get your last missing endings, you might want to reinstall the game without the patch. As steam uninstall doesn't always clear all the files completely, its better erase the game files manually then reinstall and proceed with the guides.

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Blossoms Bloom Brightest remake base. Love in the Limelight featuring this title as a film and its actresses. Dharker Paradise Games Wiki Explore.

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Realms Dakimakuras. Characters Realms Dakimakuras.

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Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Galaxy Girls.

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View source. History Talk 0. Galaxy Girls is a visual novel about a girls crew pursuing their mission on a spaceship.

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The girls as chibis, as displayed in the DLCs intros. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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