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Throughout the week the team at Kotaku and just about everywhere else that writes about games on the Internet have been covering the report on Fox News' " Live Desk With Martha MacCallum " about the sexual content in " Mass Effect. I know that sex scene -- at least a version of it. A few weekends ago, under my Xbox control, one Samus Shepard had sex with a bisexual alien woman near the end of my 29 hours and 24 minutes with the game. Fox News reported that "Mass Effect" shows "full digital nudity and sex. A panelist who participated in a round-table discussion following Fox News' report described the game as "Luke Skywalker meets 'Debbie Does Dallas. Fox's MacCallum even read a statement from Microsoft saying that the description of the content was "inaccurate.

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Microsoft has already taken action to block developer ThriXXX's adults-only girl-groping Kinect game from PC release, but that hasn't stopped the El Paso, Texas Fox affiliate from terrifying parents with the thought of their young children touching virtual breasts. ThriXXX began showing off technical demos for a Kinect-enabled girl fondling simulator earlier this month, with videos depicting a man using his hand to pet and stroke computer generated women.

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The video clips have been taken off YouTube but still exist on the developer's very not safe for work website, which you can find yourself. A few days later Microsoft issued a statement to IGN stating that such a game would never be approved by Microsoft for the Kinect.

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The game could still be released for the PC, of course, but five-year-old Edwin Valverde doesn't likely have his Kinect hooked up to his PC. Still, his parents are upset, and KFOX14 is ready, willing, and able to share their fears that their child will somehow gain access to this smut while they aren't looking with the general public. The report features Edwin's grandfather Martin saying that the first thing that crossed his mind when hooking up the Kinect was that someone was going to make pornography for it. That's the first thing that crosses my mind whenever any new product is released.

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The major problem with the report is that it doesn't seem to know the difference between going online with the Xbox and going online with a PC, which are two completely different animals. ThriXXX would never have a chance. It's a silly report, but it is good television.

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If I were a parent lacking in video game console I'd be scared right now, but then all I would have to do to stay safe is follow Martin's advice. What an informed fellow!

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I'd shake his hand, if not for his implied masturbation comment. The mother took a quick glance at the games, shrugged and proceeded to buy them for her child despite the clearly marked "M" rating on them.

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I'm near 30 and Resident Evil gives me the creeps, I know that kid is going to crap his pants whenever he first gets chain-sawed by the big nasty dude in that game. The A. By Mike Fahey. Parental control, right.

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