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Player starts as male, clerk working in Medical Science Center.

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Due to one of incidents he got TFed to woman. Posting another message with bug, that was caused by using saves from version will just postpone next release.

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Full archive will contain folders with images and two qsp files - Femsim. Most often problem is character dying right after transformation.

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This is nothing like Girl Lifeother than being a "sim" about a womans life after a transformation that is the only resemblance to Glife. The game itself is more "simmy" than Glife is, and in some respects more grindy.

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I think the Dev was going for the sim aspect to make it more of a stand out to just the typical get sluttified and screw everything that moves of so many other games. However, his balancing is atrocious.

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Clothes fall apart much to quickly, you can get depressed and lose the game far to easily. Some things are timed, you only have a few seconds to do something like waitressing before you bomb it. Also it feels like you're excerscising in real life because it can take forever to get any from excercising in the game.

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Anyway, getting past the grind the game is good and has mad potential to be a stand out, it just needs content and balance. Unlike Glife that has dozens of people working on it, as far as I know, this game femsim game has 1 or 2 people working on it. Fun game, not sure why it exists though. Seems to be identical to Girl Life, in gameplay, some minor tweaks in story. I like that you can establish your character and determine how far you will go in the events, the determination of your character's sexual preferences set up your responses to other NPCs and through the use of thoughts while looking at magazines.

My only real complaint is the the speed in which decisions are to be made during some of the events If you could slow those timers down some, this was be a really hot and erotic game more than it already is!!

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Game Information. Invol M2F. Discuss this Game. Version: 0.

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Synopsis Player starts as male, clerk working in Medical Science Center. What to download : 1 Download full archive by direct download or using torrent.

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